Saturday, May 30, 2009

An Educator's Shelfari Group

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Based on the last two posts, (co-worker and fellow PLN ) asked if I wouldn't mind if he set up a with all the books. I was thrilled!

I know it took a lot of time to set up (so, a BIG thank you to John) but it won't take a lot of time for YOU to join and participate in the discussions. If you're interested, just join . It will be a great activity to do for the summer that can carry well into the school year.

You'll see that Shelfari allows you to add books to your own shelf, and track whether you've read them, are reading them currently or plan to read them. You can rate them, mark them as favorites, comment and recommend for others. You can also add friends and send messages to each other as well as view the most popular books being read and recommendations for you.

If you join as a result of reading this post, please leave a comment here to let me know. Feel free to add your favorite education-related books to the group shelf.

My first book
is going to be by Herbert Kohl which was recommended in my previous post by .

What will you be reading???



Hi Lee,
I have already joined earlier today thanks to a tweet from John. I added a big thank you to his page on Shelfari. He is such a sweetie.(He is one of my TweetPeeps too.)

I had already purchased Outlier and Grown Up Digital, so I'm going to start with those. I love that we can have an online book club where we can discuss what we are reading and exchange ideas.

A big thank you to you for setting up the survery, tweeting it out to your PLN, and organzining all the input into a spreadsheet that got this book club started.

Happy reading,


Hi, Lee,
You are motivating me to be a committed reader this summer! I have a few (lot) of books to read, but I was thinking of reading The Herb Kohl Reader because I am going to Constructing Modern Knowledge this July. Maybe that will be a good start. I joined the Shelfari group. Maybe I can convince some colleagues to join in too!!


I love to read and never have enough time. Maybe this will kick me into gear for the summer. Thanks for getting it set up.


I need the same push to be motivated as all of you, so I'm looking forward to our discussions on the site. Thanks for visiting my blog and participating!


I just joined after reading this post! Thanks for letting me know about it. This is exciting for me because I'm always looking for some good books to read and I like that maybe there are others who read it and would like to discuss it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

I am going to join your reading group as a result of reading your post! I hope that I can keep up! I will do the best that I can!



To answer your question about what I'll be reading - tweets, blog posts, magazine articles and if I'm lucky, a book.

I have a hard time getting through entire books. I'm not sure why, but I prefer shorter articles/passages. Maybe that's why I like blog posts and magazine articles.